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Perifery is a unit inside of DataCore focused on helping customers with common challenges from the avalanche of growing data at the core, edge, and cloud. Regardless of the type of content you produce, or where you work – in studio, on-set, remote – the Perifery content management solutions ensure creative teams and content owners monetize faster with predictable costs and with the greatest level of content safety.

Swarm integration with Vision

Vision introduces instant and easy access to stored files. A web-based digital asset browser, it is a next generation media data management platform for content ingest, archive, metadata search, and media workflow enhancement. Swarm delivers a cost-predictive S3 cloud native in-facility archive solution to preserve, protect, and access digital assets for reuse and re-monetization.

The integration of Vision enhances management of the media data life cycle from ingest to archive within Swarm. It brings multiple infrastructure solutions from Perifery under one universal platform and redefines how storage resources are best utilized. Users gain easy access via Vision to their Swarm storage, helping them get the best from their archive and maximize monetization opportunities.

Swarm Software

Experience the power of Swarm software tailored for media. With Swarm you can unlock a cost-predictable S3 cloud native nearline archive, ensuring your valuable digital assets are safeguarded and primed for reuse and re-monetization.

Dive into rapid metadata searches and enjoy effortless integration with public clouds. Swarm can be deployed on any standard x86 server and storage setup, allowing you to combine both current and upcoming hardware, as technology advances and workflows adapt.

The Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro lets you experience seamless editing. It is integrated directly with Swarm software and partner-driven appliances and allows editors to easily drag and drop media into the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline.


Product Line

Object Matrix

Object Storage Platform

Object Matrix is a media-focused object storage platform that benefits organizations by modernizing video workflows and providing instant access to all media assets.


Media Archive Solution

Swarm is a cost-Effective S3 cloud native on-site archive solution. Experience ultra-fast metadata searches, unmatched security, and effortless integration with the public cloud.


Secure Remote Appliance

Transporter is a high-performance appliance that provides an easier, more secure way to transport digital content from on-set locations back to your in-facility storage.