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Hammerspace enables local file access across existing storage silos

Hammerspace is a powerful solution designed to automate unstructured data orchestration and global file access across storage from any vendor, in data centers, and the cloud. The Hammerspace solution enables users and applications always-on unified file access across any storage, from any vendor, anywhere. Seamlessly collaborate with team members, no matter where they are and work together on projects in real-time, making the creative process smoother and more efficient.

Why Hammerspace?


Real-Time Collaboration

Provide global access to users and applications to all of your data, anywhere in the world, from your existing or new storage without the need to migrate data.


A Single Namespace for All Data

Unify all of your data on any storage from any vendor in any on-prem and cloud location into a single, accessible global data environment.

Data Gravity

Overcome Data Gravity

Automate non-disruptive data orchestration globally for unstructured data in the edge, in data centers, and in the cloud.

How does Hammerspace work?


Unify File Access Across Storage Silos

Universal Data Access Layer: Hammerspace enables users and applications always-on unified file access across any storage, from any vendor, anywhere.

Stop Data Copy Sprawl

Parallel Global File System: Vendor-neutral global file system means all users everywhere see the same files. Not copies, but the same files.

Overcome Point Solution Gridlock

Global Cross-Platform Data Services: Break vendor-lock, reduce operational complexity, and work seamlessly within your existing environment.

Move Data Without User/App Interruption

Automated Data Orchestration: Hammerspace automates non-disruptive file-granular data orchestration to control the placement of file instances across any storage resource or location, transparently and without interrupting application or user access, even on live data.

Bridge Your Data Across Storage Silos

Any Storage Type from Any Vendor: Select the right storage for your use case, without adding silos, streamline multi-vendor environments, and intelligently control all data environment resources.
Hammerspace Use Cases

Cloud Studio in Action

Hammerspace recently showcased how their solution works in conjunction with CineSys’ partners Autodesk and AWS. Watch the video to the right to see a Flame Artist running finishing projects across multiple AWS instances. You’ll witness a complete high performance cloud studio in action.

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Hammerspace provides TV and film creatives, content publishers, VFX artists, and corporate video producers the ability to work efficiently and securely in a decentralized world.