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CineStor NAS Z-Series powered by Open-E

CineSys Inc. has partnered with Open-E to provide highly performant and scalable NAS solutions to customers in the broadcast and media space. Open-E JovianDSS is a ZFS- and Linux-based data storage software designed especially for enterprise environments. The ZFS implementation allows CineSys to provide highly customized, performant, and scalable NAS configurations catering to the needs of different workflows. Below are two examples of how CineSys’ customers have benefited from the CineStor NAS Z-Series. Being a proven solution for media and entertainment companies, Open-E JovianDSS was a great fit and really helped improve the performance of their workflows.

On-demand video archive

In one case, a major network series had been trying to move a massive video library archive to newer storage. Their old solution kept failing, as some of their other production tools behaved in non-standard ways. Because of this, the team at CineSys had to design something that could better accommodate the unique behavior of a critical tool the customer used in their workflow.

A CineStor NAS Z-Series was spec’ed and configured to handle this unique workload and to be able to scale in the future. After seeing that the CineStor NAS was able to accommodate their highly demanding video library archive, the customer decided to expand by adding an additional Petabyte of storage. Once the storage expansion was installed on premises, the additional storage was online and available within minutes, through the power and flexibility of ZFS.

Render farm storage

Another customer example comes from a large movie studio that needed NAS storage to serve a post production workflow with a new render farm deployment. CineStor NAS Z-Series was an immediate choice to simply serve a large farm of workstations without the need for client drivers. The flexibility and tuning of ZFS delivered the performance required and the scalable capacity in a small footprint, saving on rackspace and power consumption in their data center.

Are you looking for something customized to help with your workflow needs? Get in touch for a demo, or more information.

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