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MatrixStore Cloud

MatrixStore Cloud is a managed service cloud storage platform that enables creative and production teams to self-serve access to content from work or remotely from anywhere. It comes with intuitive media focused interfaces that make protecting, finding and sharing content easier than ever, therefore empowering creativity and collaboration between global teams.

  • MatrixStore Cloud is over 8x cheaper than public cloud

  • Predictable costs, with fixed annual fees, and no additional penalties

  • Instant and unlimited self-serve access to your content, from anywhere, at all times

The MatrixStore Cloud platform is based on award winning MatrixStore object storage and thus extremely secure, tightly integrated to many media platforms, cost effective for low and high volumes of media, and comes with no hidden costs or additional charges to access your data.

With MatrixStore Cloud you can implement business continuity and disaster recovery strategies, migrate archives from LTO, enable ‘Self Serve’ access to that archive content, and free up your valuable technical staff from mundane media management tasks.

What makes MatrixStore Cloud different?


If you are looking for the most cost effective cloud storage platform that offers the most value and doesn’t penalize you to access your data, then MatrixStore Cloud is the platform for you.

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