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Remote Media Management

When working remotely, you need to access, share and manage media securely. CineSys has many options available via our large network of partners. What you may not know is that we have also developed many custom integration tools over the years. If you’re having a hard time finding the right solution to fit your specific requirements, please feel free to reach out to us to discuss.

Smart Media Management

One solution that we highly recommend is iconik, which is a media management platform where media from any storage is organized, tagged with AI, and shared from a single place. Have a storage solution already? Keep it. iconik will sync all of your existing storage, so that you can search and preview it all in one place. Because iconik is built for the hybrid cloud, it offers the best of both cloud and local storage, giving you a holistic view of all your content, from any device.  It also has a solid, proven API.

Your team can always access the media you need. No more waiting for emails, links and massive downloads. iconik will index your storage devices and send smaller proxy versions to the cloud, so that you can find them quickly. With iconik, your entire media library is available from within the software you use. For example, you can find and import media directly from within your favorite Adobe editing software. When it’s time to render your video, you can reconnect the hi-res files to your timeline if proxies have been used. The iconik panel will let you upload your entire project files and final renders into iconik. From there, others can collaborate on the project, review and approve, or provide feedback.

Remote Content Access

How do you access content if working away from the office, or if access to a building is blocked? Many customers these days are wanting fully automated and tightly integrated workflows, so that their creative teams can self-serve content from their archive. If the content is on multiple silos of storage, or on legacy archive technology, access requires a local person to retrieve the content for you. This is where automation can enable creative teams to self-serve. Modernizing your workflow can include everything from implementing an object storage based archive in front of your existing LTO infrastructure to replacing it with an object storage based private, cloud, or hybrid cloud storage platform.

Object Matrix Cloud by our partner Perifery is a storage platform that enables creative and production teams to self-serve access to content from work, or remotely from anywhere. It gives you instant access to your content via intuitive media interfaces and provides predictable commercials with no egress fees.

Perifery OM