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Smart CloudRemote Edit, VFX and Color

Interested in pushing your studio investment to the cloud?  With CineSys Smart Cloud, leverage your existing internal infrastructure and give secure access through standard internet connectivity.  Using commercially available PC-over-IP (PCoIP) technology and our own expert staff, CineSys delivers a secure and highly responsive computing experience. It uses advanced display compression to provide end users with on-premise, or cloud-based virtual machines. This technology compresses, encrypts and transmits only pixels to a broad range of software clients, thin clients and stateless PCoIP Zero Clients, providing a highly secure enterprise environment. Because it is only in pixel form, no business information leaves your cloud or data centre.

Remote desktop solutions

For remote editing, visual effects, and color grading workflows, we recommend using secure PCoIP technology. Our partner Amulet Hotkey creates centralized computing and remote desktop solutions, optimized for mission and business-critical applications. Their products include DX Zero Clients, KVM extender hosts and remote workstation graphics cards that incorporate HP Anyware and NVIDIA or AMD professional GPUs.

Amulet Hotkey provides robust and compact quad display PCoIP zero clients with dual network ports for mission critical environments. A second network port can be used for network redundancy, or to connect an additional DXZ4 client for multi-display configurations. The PCoIP remote workstation cards by Amulet are compact, low-profile solutions to provide remote access to your workstation. They can fit into small PCIe slots to conserve large PCIe slots for GPUs NVMe storage, or other cards. With support for quad display, they can be used with any GPU with digital outputs from consumer NVIDIA or AMD GPUs, to the highest performance professional NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FirePro cards.

With HP Anyware software and zero clients, artists looking to work remotely on Autodesk Flame, Avid, or DaVinci Resolve, can connect and work as if they were at the office, while keeping the creative content secure. There are many options and configurations available.

Secure remote access

You may also want to consider Leostream for secure remote access with Amulet Hotkey. The Leostream platform manages the connection of end users to their desktops and applications in on-premises data centers, in the cloud and across hybrid environments from a single-pane-of-glass admin console. With Leostream, you can quickly develop a business continuity plan that gives users remote access to the resources they need in your datacenter, in the public cloud, or both, without investing in costly full-stack VDI licenses or reinventing the wheel.

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How to set up your

Smart Cloud PCoIP technology


This diagram above shows a Linux, Windows or Mac set up. For Linux and Windows, you can have a PCIe x4 card that is installed internally in your computer. For Mac, the ideal solution would be an external unit, like this KVM extender based on KVM-over-IP technology using PCoIP.

On the remote end, you would have a small computerless appliance that provides the remote GUI / connection functionality (back to your computer at the office). The servers are added for secure Leostream gateway access, and authentication via the connection broker.

Encoder PCIe card:  DXH4 Remote Workstation Card
Zero appliance decoder box:  DXZ4 Zero Client
KVM extender: DXT-H4 KVM Extender Host

Camp Lucky on how the solution has worked for them:

As far as the Amulet Hotkey workflow goes, I can only say that it's amazing. It really feels like we're living in the future. Four months ago I would have never thought I could access my computer and the Camp Lucky server from my living room, but here we are and it's really quite something. I feel the same as I do cutting in my suite at Lucky. I just miss the people and the banter, especially now that basketball is back!

Sai SelvarajanEditor, Camp Lucky

To be able to have a system that feels like working at my computer at the office, but at home is amazing to me. I’m very impressed with the technology and love that whether we are working from home one day and the office the next, the transition back and forth will be seamless.

Elizabeth V. MooreEditor, Camp Lucky

I’ve been using Amulet Hotkey for about 3 weeks now. Honestly, I feel like I’m sitting at my desk at the office. The mouse and tablet are quite responsive with no lag. The Benq monitor display provides the proper resolution and audio coming through the Amulet is in sync and sounds great through my headphones. The system has made working from home a pleasurable experience.

Mark SullivanFlame Artist, Camp Lucky

This system feels like you are working at the studio while at home, and is especially valuable when collaborating with my assistant editor. I can dial anyone as if we are in the same space, and the interface is completely intuitive, which makes everything seamless. It’s really amazing.

Marc StoneEditor, Camp Lucky

I’m amazed at the performance and ease of this system. I like my workstation specific to me, and this solution allows me to continue work exactly how I like it, and like I’m in the office. Pretty mind blowing actually. Best solution out there.

Logan HefflefingerEditor, Camp Lucky