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Remote 3D and Compositing

Whether you work in animation, architecture, video game design or editorial, having access to a powerful virtual workstation can really make a difference. Professionals and students alike can quickly access the software and content they need, no matter what equipment they have available locally.

Virtual Workstations

For animators and compositors looking to work from home, SimpleCloud is a great option. It is a cloud-based platform for digital content creators focused on animation, architecture, editorial, and games development. It provides management and setup of a virtual studio in the cloud, allowing users to be connected to a virtual workstation from anywhere, through any thin client or html 5 supported browser. It’s based off of Windows OS virtual machines, Nvidia grid GPU, and powered by IBM Cloud. A full virtual studio can be set up in under an hour.

SimpleCloud can supply a license server for each studio where you can upload your own licenses, or connect to your local existing license servers. This way you know that all your collaborators comply within the legal requirements. It can also integrate your own tools, sources or customizations. SimpleCloud works with any content creation software like Adobe, Autodesk, Maxon, The Foundry, Unity, and more.

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Case Studies

Read our case studies showcasing how some of our customers are utilizing SimpleCloud to work and study remotely.

Camp Lucky working remotely with SimpleCloudArtCenter students using virtual workstations