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Work From Home CineStudio Kit

Broadcast from home in style

CineSys developed the Work From Home CineStudio kit while helping a major sports broadcaster produce high quality broadcasts from home.

Using the Blackmagic Design Pro Studio 6K Camera, this system can deliver cinema quality footage captured on a 35mm sized sensor through an EF mount lens. The camera is capable of sending a high bitrate H.264 stream back to the studio to be converted into an SDI signal and integrated into the existing facility video routing system to be recorded, or broadcasted live. The stream is protected using an RTMP stream key. The camera data can also be recorded directly on the camera in Blackmagic RAW format to be downloaded, or shipped via a USB key and used in post production.

Easy to use and setup

Interaction between talent and production crew is achieved by presenting the live camera feed to a MacBook Air M1 laptop as a standard webcam to be used by any video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. This allows for a low latency communication link between participants that does not hinder the natural flow of the conversation. A teleprompter is used to display the video conferencing window from the laptop, so that the talent can see the other members of the call, while looking into the camera lens.

All electronics are assembled into a single rugged Pelican case that can be easily connected by a non technical user. All cables and the patch panel are clearly labeled, making it easy for the user to assemble. The customer’s existing in-ear monitoring and microphone system can be used, or bluetooth earbuds for in-ear monitoring.

The kit includes everything needed for shooting; a tripod and head for the camera and teleprompter, 3-point LED light panels with stands, and all the cabling necessary. No network configuration is necessary on the talent side, only one supplied Ethernet cable needs to be connected to the home network.

The Work From Home CineStudio kit has been successfully used by sports broadcasters over the past few years, enabling a professional looking live stream from anywhere. If you want to record high quality broadcasts from the security of your home, please reach out for more details.