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Cantemo and Vidispine VSA

Vidispine Server Agent for Multi-site Collaboration with Cantemo


Seamless Multi-Site Access

Large localized storage implementations can present certain challenges when it comes to multi-site access and collaboration-- even when effectively managed with enterprise level MAM software. But now with CineSys and the Vidispine VSA, you can maintain security and ease of access while adding an offsite storage location to your Cantemo system.

The VSA is a local server agent, deployed at a secondary storage site, that creates a secure link with another Vidispine instance-- in this case, on your Cantemo host server. This acts as a gateway for Cantemo to ingest, transcode, and index the media living in that secondary location. It's then presented to users alongside the local storage media volumes, where it is subject to all of the same metadata, rules, and archive procedures you already have in place.

Server Agent

Extend Cantemo with Ease

Simplify your workflow by incorporating multiple storage locations under the umbrella of a single Cantemo deployment. No more drive shipping, third-party host transfers, or cumbersome remote connections-- just to access your content. The VSA puts all of your data within reach of the power and structure of Cantemo. For more information on this and other customized solutions for your Cantemo deployment, please contact us via the email below, so that one of our experts can reach out.

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