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Media Management

Asset management is essential

How do you organize your new and aging assets? Can your staff easily search for and playback clips online? Anyone that uses shared storage needs a Media Asset Management (MAM) solution that can streamline their workflow to free up time for more urgent, revenue generating activities. With a great MAM solution in place, you can increase efficiency and focus on the work at hand. Organize and deliver different versions to different channels or platforms. Review, share and archive with ease.

There are a number of amazing asset management tools that can be used for production, media management and distribution. Get in touch to discuss which solution will work best for you.

Cantemo Portal

Choosing the best solution for your team

Because of the high cost and complexity of deploying a MAM solution, traditionally it was only used by enterprise clients. Asset management is now becoming more widely used, as the amounts of data increase and the need to keep assets organized and accessible grows at facilities everywhere.

Designing and deploying an asset management solution requires detailed workflow planning, documentation and integration by a team with not only IT and video knowledge, but by someone who has experience with the technologies involved in a MAM system. The CineSys team of experts will start with a discovery process to develop a comprehensive understanding of what you are hoping to achieve, what kind of problems you are trying to solve and what your growth expectations and requirements are. We can then help configure a solution that works and scales with your existing infrastructure. We also provide optional consultation, customized training and support to help bring the solution seamlessly into your daily workflow process.

Read more about some of the solutions that we provide.