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CineStor MOJO

CineStor™ MOJO

In the media and broadcast production space, storage solutions play a pivotal role. For uncompressed 16K workflows, the CineStor MOJO NVME storage array is a game-changer. It’s akin to having an express lane for data, ensuring that your creative tasks run smoothly, whether you’re editing, rendering, finishing, or playing back 16K videos. So, buckle up and let the MOJO storage array take your data on an amazing ride.

CineStor™ NAS Z-Series

The CineStor NAS Z-Series is a Linux based network storage solution built on the power of ZFS. The powerful NAS OS provides SMB and NFS file sharing, as well as the ability to present iSCSI targets. Data integrity protection High Availability, Remote Disaster Recovery, Cloud integration, and Snapshot functionality, are a few features that make the new CineStor NAS Z-Series an excellent disk based near-line backup and archive solution for traditional media workflows. Data acceleration and high performance allow it to easily handle larger render farms for VFX and 3D modeling. Using the ZFS pooled storage model offers unlimited scalability and expansion during production, along with unlimited file and volume sizes.

The CineStor NAS Series is also complimentary with our other partner storage solutions.


CineStor Cloud

CineStor™ Cloud

CineStor Cloud is now in Beta. Reach out to us for more information.

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