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The Rolling Picture Company is located in the center of Toronto’s Entertainment District. They provide a wide range of picture and sound post-production services including colour grading, sound mixing, dailies, QC and VFX. Whether it’s a short film, feature, documentary, or commercial  ー they will assist you in every stage of post production from data management to final delivery. This year, Rolling Pictures started using Cortex by MTI Film for their DCP and IMF deliverables. David Hermiston, Head of Technical Operations, explains how it’s been working out for them so far.

What made you consider adding Cortex to your workflow?

The capabilities of DCP, IMF, and DPP workflows. The interface has a well-designed layout and offers useful templates that simplify the process of designing workflows and deliverables when working in a new program. Cortex feels like a truly professional mastering program.

Which feature do you like the most?

The first feature that caught my eye was background rendering. This allows us to continue formatting while the finished work is rendered. It has become one of our primary tools for DCP and IMF creation.

RPC David using Cortex

How has your experience with the support team been so far?

The support team is top-tier. Aside from quick responses for support questions, when I had a software request the team was able to send an updated build with the requested adjustments.

Tell us more about Rolling Pictures and your role at the company?

We do dailies, colour grading, sound mix, record, create visual effects, QC, and deliver productions wherever and whenever. I am Head of Technical Operations and I oversee our workflows, maintain equipment, and support our team.

Company: The Rolling Picture Company
Location: Toronto, Canada
Name: David Hermiston, Head of Technical Operations

About Cortex

The CORTEX family of products includes solutions for on set and post with a fully featured dailies application, IMF, DCP, AS-02, AS-11 and Dolby Vision™ packaging, multiple QC modules including Dead Pixel Correction, Video Measurement Tools and IMF validation, world class UpRes with MTI-Samsung rescaling, and all with Enhanced Edit capabilities. CORTEX runs on Windows 10 or 11, and utilizes one or more Nvidia GPUs. Hardware specs

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