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Augmented Engineering

Managed Services

Is the technology infrastructure at your company getting to be too much for your IT department to handle? Maybe you only have one Systems Administrator who is getting overwhelmed with the workload. No need to hire more people, this is where we can help. Let us take you further by being an extension to your IT department.

CineSys provides fully managed support services, freeing your internal teams to focus on the work at hand. Our Engineers have years of experience in the media industry and up-to-date training in the latest technology solutions. By supporting a wide array of post production and broadcast companies, small and large, they have seen the issues that arise and provided solutions. Our technical team has the know-how of what works and what doesn’t in today’s challenging environments. Our goal is to come up with the most efficient and secure solutions that will benefit you long term. Whether you’re starting up a new production company or just need to supplement your existing team, we can provide a customized, scalable solution and help support you along the way.

CineSys Engineer