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Scale out SAN with unlimited capacity and client licenses

CineSys now offers Scale Out SAN solutions managed by DDP and AVFS (Ardis Virtual File System) with qualified storage arrays from both Infortrend and Seagate.

Using Active/Active Redundant Controllers with a wide range of network connectivity options, CineSys can design any solution of scale to fit your needs, while maximizing redundancy and performance. The DDP High Availability Dual AVFS Head is an Active/Active file system controller, directing clients where they can read and write in the file system. Three PCIe slots can be populated with network HBAs as desired for the chosen infrastructure (iSCSI Ethernet, Fibre Channel, or both). The DDP HA Dual AVFS Head also acts as a data mover for cached or tiered designs using a mix of SSD and HDD arrays all in a single file system.


iSCSI or Fibre Channel

1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE & 100GbE iSCSI

16Gb and 32Gb Fibre Channel

NL SAS HDD, SAS SSD and NVMe SSD options


iSCSI and Fibre Channel simultaneously

1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE iSCSI

16Gb and 32Gb Fibre Channel

NL SAS HDD and SAS SSD options


with RDMA - 30GB/sec total bandwidth

The new DDP10EF is a 1U, 19” deep iSCSI SAN with 10x NVMe SSDs. With a total bandwidth of 30GB per second, users can now achieve the highest performance of 4K and 8K DPX and EXR sequences. The DDP10EF has three available expansion slots for 10Gb, 25Gb, 40Gb, 100Gb and 200Gb Ethernet connectivity.

Multiple DDP10EFs can be clustered together providing double the performance, or a RAID card can be added to a PCIe expansion slot to connect a SAS JBOD with HDDs for caching and tiering, all while maintaining a single file system. Properly equipped Linux and Windows clients can achieve up to 10GB per second over 200GbE with appropriate NVMe-oF/RDMA drivers.

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