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Get up to 20% savings on Streambox remote technology

Streambox technology provides no-compromise support for every workflow, from SD to 4K & Dolby Vision, with reliable transport over virtually any connection. Take a look at the bundles below, now available for up to 20% off!

The Chroma X compact encoder/decoder provides near lossless video quality, and secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows. Chroma X supports HD resolutions, along with High Dynamic Range color standards to create streaming content for broadcasting, enterprises, and post production by providing low latency video in HD formats over public and private IP networks.

Chroma 4K provides secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows with the creation of even 4K HDR and UHD HDR streaming content for broadcasting, post production, and live events by providing low latency HD, 2K, UHD, and 4K video over public and private IP networks.

Streambox Cloud Services permit users to send private session invitations, share encrypted video, and conduct group review sessions to share live high quality, low latency 4K DCI HDR, UHD HDR, 2K DCI HDR, and HD HDR video for tasks such as review, VFX editing, and color grading.

Call our sales team for custom solution packages at 1-866-905-2050.

HD Starter Package

  • Chroma X Encoder
  • Cloud Services Bundle
  • iOS / macOS Media Players

4K Full Monty

  • Chroma 4K Encoder
  • Cloud Services Bundle
  • Chroma+ 4K Decoder

The collective sigh of relief coming from clients when they realized we were still functional and able to support their projects that they already had underway was immense. They were thrilled, as was our whole facility, all the staff, the colorists, mixers, engineers, everybody...

Greg HullVP Engineering & Technology, Company 3