CineViewer Player

for AJA Diskover Media Edition

Play any media file in your browser

CineViewer Player is designed for media professionals who need to view high resolution media remotely in a browser, without generating a proxy file. It can be used for Quality Control, broadcasting, sports, post production, and more. Use the CineViewer Player to view videos, images, and image sequences on your file, block-level, or object storage without having to create and store proxies.

The player can be activated from within AJA Diskover Media Edition to easily view supported content. Current support is available for CentOS 7x, with more to follow (AWS EC2s, Mac, Windows). The content can be on a local network, or on AWS S3.


CineViewer Player uses a custom HLS streaming process to provide quick viewing of content from a variety of popular formats including MXF, HEVC/H265, H264, and ProRes. It also supports sequences of files such as DPX, and OpenEXR.

Supported Formats: AVC-Intra, AVI, Cineform, DNxHD, DNxHR, DV, DVCPPRO HD, H.264, HEVC/H.265, IMX, MKV, MOV/QT, MP4/M4V, MPEG/M2V/MPG, TS, MPEG-2, MXF, OGG, ProRes, VP-8, VP-9, WebM

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

CineViewer Player Audio
For Audio, CineViewer supports playback of up to 16x channels. Solo and Mute controls for each channel allow quick isolation of channels while playing.
CineViewer Player CC

For Closed Captioning, CineViewer supports multiple language SRT encoded closed captions.

CineViewer Player Zoom

 Zoom and Pan controls also allow for image inspection.

Demo Video


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