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New AI tools for frame rate conversion and up resolution

The release of Cortex 5.5 by MTI Film is a major update to its widely used family of transcoding and workflow solutions. The new version introduces two groundbreaking options: MTai Frame Rate Conversion and MTai Super Resolution Uprez, which apply artificial intelligence to two common tasks, leading to dramatically improved results. Cortex 5.5 also includes a host of new and improved features to its core software to boost productivity, support new formats and delivery requirements, and address workflow issues from the set to the screen.

MTai SuperRez

MTai Frame Rate Conversion represents a leap forward over conventional frame rate conversion processes that rely on duplicating or removing frames. The new tool uses machine learning to interpolate between frames, increasing or decreasing the frame rate without ghosting, stutter or distortion.

MTai Super Resolution Uprez applies a similar AI-driven process to the task of increasing frame resolution. The tool analyzes adjacent pixels within a single frame to produce intermediary pixels in a smooth transition. The result is not simply a larger image, but one with greater detail and clarity.

Both MTai tools will be available to Cortex users at an annual subscription rate.
Cortex 5.5

New and enhanced features

  • QA Tool Simultaneous Batch Analysis: Allows multiple modes of audio and video analysis to be conducted simultaneously.
  • Dolby ATMOS Timeline Audio Waveform: Displays waveforms in timelines to facilitate ATMOS audio editing.
  • Dead Pixel Render: Render only “fixed” shots when preparing IMF supplemental packages.
  • NexGuard Forensic Watermarking: Add NexGuard forensic watermarking to Cortex renders.
  • BBC IMF: Produce IMF packages that conform to BBC delivery requirements (developed in concert with BBC engineers).
  • RDD 59-1 IMF: Produce IMF packages in SMPTE RDD 59-1.
  • IMF Markers: Expands and simplifies browsing IMF markers.
  • Loudness Meter: Supports dialogue-gating in loudness measurement. Adds presets for Netflix, Apple and other common standards.
  • IMF Package Import and Validation: IMF packages are automatically validated upon render.
  • Encrypted Assets: Use encrypted assets in any composition.
  • Extract Audio Groups from MXF and QuickTime: Automatically extract audio grouping and mixes to expediate rendering.
  • Auto Composition with Dolby Vision Metadata: Automatically include Dolby Vision metadata from source in composition.
  • XDCAM Deliverables. Adds ability to set AFD flags.
  • Composition Audio Configuration. Adds the ability to define QuickTime audio track details.
  • EDL Import: Now includes color.
  • Shift+Left/Shift+Right: Arrow jumps by one second.
  • Copy Tool: Copy large file counts—hundreds or even thousands of files—more efficiently.
  • Waveform Monitor: Now includes line select.
  • DCP MXF File Naming: Adds a checkbox for file naming conventions.
  • Encrypted Atmos. Encrypt ATMOS files within DCPs.
  • Max Luminance Detection & Reporting: Max luminance in addition to RGB HDR 10 values.
  • Output Filenames: Automatically fix bad filenames.
  • DCP Enhancements: DCP seconds in KDM Time, drag-and-drop certification files.
  • Sub-Clips: Generate sub-blips in Sony RAW and RED.
  • SDI: Output options improved.
  • Expanded Metadata Editing for DPP AS-11
  • Enhanced Error Reporting for Render Issues, Including Bad File Names
  • Updated Support for Blackmagic, Arri and Sony Cameras.
CORTEX v5.5 upgrades are available through the MTI Film website to current CORTEX Enterprise, Dailies , QC and DIT+ license holders with current support contracts.

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