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As media and broadcast companies look to modernize their workflows, many are hesitant at the thought of any kind of larger data migration. It can be seen as a costly and labour intensive process that will disrupt the daily business at hand. When it comes to legacy archive migrations, moving from DIVArchive and other HSMs, there has not been any straightforward solution and the whole process may seem overwhelming. When moving large amounts of data onto new storage systems, into the cloud or a combination of the two, there are many things to consider. Some businesses may also be stuck with closed format legacy middleware with escalating support costs and little product improvements over time. It is also not uncommon for large companies to have a lot of unstructured data that is hard to access.

What if you could move your legacy archives, old tape libraries, HDD, LTO and more to a flexible storage environment, using a tool that not only indexes your content intelligently with AI, but also enriches the metadata and allows for easy access across multiple facilities and clouds, without disrupting daily business? It is possible and not as daunting as you may think. With a combination of the Cubix architecture for legacy archive migration by Ortana Media Group and secure hybrid storage by Object Matrix, you get two agile and cost effective media focused solutions.

Designed to be a disruptive technology, Cubix has an easily configurable and reconfigurable architecture to meet the demands of current and future media workflows. The Cubix platform has a range of flexible and affordable products and services, from AI content discovery and archive migration to ingest, MAM and more, allowing you to choose the modules that are needed for your specific requirements. By integrating a range of on premise and cloud-based solutions via API, Cubix can easily be used with a hybrid storage solution such as Object Matrix. In this scenario, Cubix would write objects directly to MatrixStore using the powerful MatrixStore API. Delivery of preview objects to MatrixStore allows applications to search all metadata, and the restoring of assets can be prioritized as per the end users’ needs, or triggered as bulk automated tasks.

Cubix Screen

For companies with a lot of old unstructured data, Cubix has developed a suite of tools to make content richer and accessible; the AI Content Discovery product allows for automated indexing of content, semantic searching, enriched high-quality metadata and automatic content moderation. The Content Discovery engine has been designed specifically to meet the challenges faced by media companies and broadcasters today. Part of what makes this discovery more cost efficient is that Cubix will send image APIs – extracted still frames – to the cloud, rather than large video APIs. Those with existing MAM solutions can deploy Cubix on a short-term basis and deliver content into your existing architecture. Having easy access to all your legacy data will open doors towards monetizing and repurposing content that would otherwise be sitting on a shelf.

Ortana believes that technology should always wrap around clients, not the other way around. Customers demand solutions that evolve with their business, not expensive, short term technologies that date and become unsupported. A guiding principle of Cubix is to take the long view and develop a platform, and service, that has the clients needs at the centre, which adapts and scales over time - breaking the long held rules is encouraged. Working with partners who understand this need to be disruptive to the traditional methods is why we are delighted to partner with Object Matrix . A collective of like minded vendors with a clear mission to give clients access to the best tools and processes available to maximize efficiency and creativity.

James HallPartner Manager, Ortana Media Group

Now that cloud storage has been around for a while, the trend we’re seeing is that many media companies are moving towards hybrid cloud solutions. Although cloud storage enables sharing of content and allows for collaboration and flexibility, there remains a need for on premise solutions, especially when working with large formats, such as HD, 4K and beyond. With a hybrid solution, workflows get the best of both worlds, as it combines performance and security with the scale and flexibility that is required from businesses today. With a hybrid cloud solution by Object Matrix, you can generate new revenue streams and add real value to the organization. Tight integrations, disaster recovery and automated workflows will free up your time to focus on creating content.

Object Matrix enables global collaboration, increases operational efficiency and empowers creativity through the deployment of its media focused on-prem and hybrid cloud storage platforms. Our buddies Ortana put the D into Delivering the Disruptive.

Nick PearceCo-Founder, Object Matrix

Time to take the leap and migrate your old content, so that it can be securely used and repurposed again? We can help streamline the process and come up with a solution customized to your specific environment and requirements.