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IP workflows with Avid MediaCentral | Stream and Haivision

This was a demo and discussion together with Avid and Haivision held on Wednesday April 7th, 2021 about optimizing your IP workflows in Avid production environments with the new MediaCentral | Stream. Presented by Ray Thompson, Director of Market Solutions at Avid and Marcus Schioler, VP of Product Marketing at Haivision. The event is hosted by Sherdwain Charles, Avid ACSR and Senior Engineer at CineSys.

As more media companies have adopted IP workflows, leveraging various protocols for secure delivery of media across commodity internet to enable a growing number of workflows in post production and broadcast and beyond, Avid has introduced MediaCentral | Stream.  It is an agonistic, software only service that enables the ingest of IP streams directly into Avid production environments and tools.  Enabling both on premises and cloud based workflows, MediaCentral | Stream is compatible with SRT and RTMP, with a plan to add more protocols in the future.

The recent launch of MediaCentral | Stream included the Avid and Haivision partnership announcement, which allows any SRT enabled device to deliver live content reliably and securely to any on premises, or cloud Avid production environment.  News, sports, remote live production, and many other workflows are now possible. With over 350 companies able to initiate SRT streams, the amount of devices that can now contribute to Avid production environments over IP is considerable. 

View the recorded webinar below to learn more about MediaCentral | Stream, the workflows that are now enabled, and for a demo of how it all works.

Ray Thompson

Ray Thompson, Director of Market Solutions, Avid

Ray Thompson has years of experience focused on media for broadcast and film, sports and e-sports. He led the development of an IP live streaming platform strategy for sending SD, HD, and 4K video over a standard IP connection from anywhere at broadcast quality and at low latency to mobile and web. He is also the co-author of a patent for assigning game data to universal time clock on traditional and IP based streams for the purposes of automated creation of highlights across user specified sample of games, creation of edits for the purpose of recruiting and scouting, and for reporting based on game statistics with drill down to video capability. At Avid, Raymond is the Director of Market Solutions for broadcast and media.


Marcus Schioler, VP of Product Marketing, Haivision

Marcus Schioler is Haivision’s Vice President of Product Marketing. He has over 20 years of experience in technology and product development, with a number of industry-leading companies. This experience has allowed him to develop a broad base of knowledge in video streaming and expertise in post-production for film, television, and video games. Marcus frequently presents and writes on numerous video-related topics including broadcast streaming, cloud media routing, remote production, and low latency video.


Sherdwain Charles, Avid ACSR, Senior Engineer, CineSys

“With over a decade of experience in the broadcast industry, I now have the honor of serving the most reliable, customer-focused reseller as a Senior Engineer. I’ve implemented solutions for several organizations, including Notre Dame University, NBA Thunder, NBA Chicago Bulls, and many more of your favorite everyday brands. While I’ve had many roles since joining CineSys, my most important one has been to take care of our customers, so they can continue to take care of us.”