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Redefine productivity, enhance efficiency and enable new revenue streams with VidiNet

VidiNet by Vidispine – An Arvato Systems Brand, is a cloud-based platform at the heart of the content ecosystem. VidiNet makes use of VidiCore as its foundation allowing one to couple it with a broad range of applications and services, which in turn provide a robust footing for the complete content chain. With fast onboarding and instant scalability, VidiNet fits organizations of all sizes. It comes with intuitive applications that can be accessed from anywhere, tight integrations with leading media suppliers and AI platforms, simplified deployment, and reduces complexity.

VidiNet is the right solution for companies looking for:

  • A turnkey MAM or PAM solution that is ready to go and easy to use.
  • Leveraging AI integrations to be more efficient, or enrich content workflows.
  • High speed remote production.
  • A trusted platform for fast turnaround workflows.
  • Ways to generate new revenue streams.
  • A modular, scalable, and future proof solution.
  • Rapid cloud-based deployment, off the shelf solutions, or DIY.
VidiNet Platform

Automatically enrich metadata, effortlessly curate media assets, or exploit the value of your archive

While the technology is perfectly suited to any enterprise organization looking to create, manage, or distribute content, Vidispine’s strength lies in the Media and Entertainment sector. The cutting-edge applications and third-party integrations empower organizations to achieve more from anywhere, with increased efficiency, productivity, and ease-of-use being the main advantages that Vidispine’s customers enjoy when collaborating.

Here is a sneak peek at VidiNet’s portfolio:

VidiCore API

A highly flexible and scalable engine for managing, organizing, indexing, and transforming your assets into distributable content.

Vidispine’s VidiCore is a powerful, cloud-native, engine for managing, organizing, indexing, and transforming your assets into distributable content for a variety of platforms using different workflows. Engineered from the ground up to fulfil a build your own system and no vendor lock in approach, VidiCore operates as state-of-the-art media-management backend and object repository that functions as a highly adaptable and scalable foundation layer. Read More



A quick and intuitive browser-based video editing solution for journalists and editors.

As a cloud-based solution for proxy editing, VidiEditor provides journalists and editors with tools they need to meet the challenges of today’s remote editing environment.

Accessible from any desktop browser, VidiEditor offers a powerful set of the features that focus on agile remote workflows without having to compromise on functionality. Editors can create and manage editing projects, search for material and drag and drop it into the timeline, frame-accurately edit sequences, and publish high-grade sequences that are air-ready for broadcast or web. Intelligently making use of existing proxy files for editing and streaming, VidiEditor is capable of exporting material in different formats in order to cater to a broad range of platform requirements. Read More



Search, collect, share and distribute media within your repository in a single, intuitive user interface.

MediaPortal is Vidispine’s solution for media discovery and collaboration, geared towards providing editors, journalists, and content creators with the tools they need to tell their stories.

As a centralized, web-based and unified approach to accessing all of their Vidispine managed media and non-media files, MediaPortal’s comprehensive set of functional features supports teams in how to search and find relevant material with the aid of an advanced search logic and intuitive design – reducing otherwise complex searches to simple ones. Read More



A state-of-the-art project management solution for Adobe products. Handles render queue management, housekeeping, template preferences, and profiles.

Helmut4 is the solution for efficient management of editing projects in professional video production environments where Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Adobe® After Effects® and Adobe® Audition® are used. Helmut4 adapts to your individual workflow and serves as connecting element inside your infrastructure as well as integrator of third-party systems. Project management newly defined – agile, adaptable and user-friendly.

By combining Helmut4 with Vidispine’s MediaPortal, one can attain the best and most flexible project management for Adobe. Vidispine products and Helmut have been tightly knit to each other thanks to the use of their respective APIs. All changes are synched between the products so that these are expressed as a seamless solution. Because of the API based integration and configuration options of both systems, customers have the flexibility to create their own configurations and workflows to adapt to individual requirements. Read More



With VidiFlow, you can build, orchestrate, and monitor BPMN-based workflows and rules to optimize your solution’s full potential.

Vidispine’s VidiFlow is a cloud-native, workflow orchestration solution fitted with a versatile BPMN workflow and rule engine dedicated to improving the efficiency of media management and processing.

Systems can benefit from the synergy between VidiFlow’s powerful workflow engine and and VidiCore’s performance and versatility. VidiFlow is able to map the VidiCore object model as workflow tasks and seamlessly trigger VidiCore activities such as copying, and transcoding. Highly malleable in its design, VidiFlow can control multiple 3rd party systems along the broadcast workflow chain. Read More