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Netflix is in a great position to see what can and has gone wrong with the supply of productions across a broad range of its suppliers and has come up with a very sensible and practical set of guidelines. However, the last thing post production houses need is the headache of countless hours of making copies of data and managing an ever growing range of requirements. That’s where MatrixStore steps in. Out of the box it provides a deep level of content protection, data security, auditing and metadata control. Out of the box it helps you to become Netflix compliant.

Setting the standards

In 2018 Netflix purchased $12bn of content. It is predicted that figure rose to $15bn in 2019 and that spending will hit $17.8bn in 2020. 85% of that spend is estimated to be on original content. This dwarfs the budgets of individual national broadcasters (e.g. the BBC has a total budget of £3.7m but only a portion of that is spent on new content). It is therefore no surprise that Netflix has quickly become a technology leader on how production should be made not just for itself, but also in setting standards that other organizations have also signed up to as both sensible and practical.

Can MatrixStore help adhere to Netflix Data Management requirements?

The verification and back-up of data, including original camera files (OCF) and audio, throughout a workflow is crucial. Data loss can mean losing significant investment both in planning and shooting. The Object Matrix requirements are designed to help minimize costly incidents during production.

Netflix's critical Backup Rule requirements:

Netflix Backup Rule Requirement


Hold at least 3 copies of all Original Camera Footage (OCF) and audio at all times and on 2 different types of media.
MatrixStore holds 2 copies with RAID6 and the original camera media could also be held to keep the data on "another media type".
Maintain at least 1 backup offsite.
Replication can quickly make an offsite backup. Other options are to use MatrixStore's hybrid capabilities to make a copy into a cloud location – this can also cover the requirement to hold 3 copies of OCF.
RAID must be connected to computer by a hardware RAID controller. Software based RAID should not be used.
MatrixStore uses Hardware RAID. Other systems (especially other object storage systems) tend to use less reliable software RAID.

MatrixStore of course goes even further with automated data recovery if, for example, one location goes down as well as multiple other data authenticity and data security functions.