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CineSys is thrilled to announce the successful implementation of a comprehensive ingest-to-distribution integration for a major player in the insurance industry. This groundbreaking project has revolutionized their operations, ensuring seamless workflows and maximizing efficiency throughout the content production cycle. Below are the critical components of this cutting-edge installation.

Empowering editorial systems

The integrated solution empowers each editorial system within the organization, allowing them to edit and compose graphics and titles more seamlessly. This newfound flexibility enables the creation of captivating content for in-house training sites and commercial broadcast distribution, setting the stage for enhanced communication and engagement.

Efficient camera ingest and centralized storage

By harnessing the power of Softron, in conjunction with NewTek’s advanced technology, the CineSys team enabled direct camera feeds and smooth ingestion of media into a centralized DDP storage solution. This streamlined process eliminates complexities and optimizes the transfer of content, saving valuable time and resources.

DDP Insurance

Advanced asset management with iconik

To ensure adequate tracking and utilization of their vast media resources, CineSys implemented the powerful asset manager iconik. This state-of-the-art tool enables effortless asset tracking and management, facilitating easy access to media for current and future use. With enhanced organization and accessibility, the organization can unleash the full potential of its content library.

Robust media archiving and backup with Archiware P5

Data security and long-term preservation are paramount, so CineSys also integrated Archiware P5 into their workflow. This comprehensive solution employs a multi-faceted approach, leveraging LTO tape, spinning disk backup, and cloud technologies to archive and back up media assets. This ensures that the organization’s valuable content remains protected and accessible.

Rapid material retrieval with onsite Tier 2 disk backup

The CineSys team implemented an onsite Tier 2 disk backup solution to facilitate quick retrieval of critical material. This high-speed backup system ensures that content can be accessed promptly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Streamlined communication with network switching

A new network switching environment has been deployed to streamline communication between all systems. This centralized hub with switches by Netgear optimizes data transfer, enabling efficient collaboration and seamless workflows. With improved interconnectivity, the organization experiences enhanced productivity and smoother operations.

In conclusion, the comprehensive ingest-to-distribution integration has revolutionized the operations of this major insurance organization. The organization has embraced a new era of efficiency and seamless communication by utilizing Softron, Newtek, iconik, Archiware P5, and a cutting-edge network switching environment. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in this transformative project, empowering the organization to thrive in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

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