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Object Storage and Remote Workstations at HPA

As the world begins to open back up again and travel restrictions slowly relax, so does the opportunity to attend face-to-face events. The pandemic has forced organizations to make radical changes to the way they network and build relationships, but nothing beats an in-person discussion amongst industry leaders and experts to keep abreast of the latest trends and movements.

The first industry in-person event of 2022 takes place in Palm Springs in LA; the HPA Tech Retreat. Bringing together world leaders from engineering, technology, creativity and business sectors to explore and experience the most popular topics around creation, management, and dissemination of content. The HPA Tech Retreat is a unique event amongst all tech events, with ideas explored and debated during breakfast roundtables, onstage presentations, and networking.

Amongst those attending will be Nick Pearce, CRO from Object Matrix and Scott Johnson, Head of America from SimpleCloud, who you will find at a shared booth in the Innovation Zone. Nick and Scott will be demonstrating the integration between their two solutions – so be sure to come along for a catch up!

Who are Object Matrix and SimpleCloud?

Object Matrix and SimpleCloud bring together MatrixStore Cloud storage and flexible workplace collaboration in a controlled, secure and remote working environment. Using S3 for data and metadata movement combined with Object Matrix Vision for media management, this integrated solution creates a full, on-demand, editorial workflow, enabling the user to search, find, edit and review their content from anywhere.

MatrixStore Cloud is built on the leading media-focused object storage platform that benefits organizations both financially and operationally by helping creative professionals to easily self-serve access with no manual intervention. MatrixStore provides full digital content governance (immutability, audits, multi-cloud policies), enhanced metadata processing and is integrated into multiple media-based workflows.

SimpleCloud is a global Workspace as a Service solution deployed in the IBM Cloud that enables secure, flexible and real time collaboration for all demanding tasks, including development, digital content creation and management. It is an efficient way to work, sharing media and utilizing the speed of the data center to access and share assets.

SimpleCloud allows users to run demanding software (such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Shotgrid, Cinema 4D, Blender and more), or engines (such as Unreal or Unity) from any device accessing powerful VDIs and to enjoy all its features from anywhere (home, remote locations, factory floor, or the studio). It has unique features for collaboration, control and remote assistance.

SimpleCloud provides focused end-to-end support with unique benefits:

  • Automated provisioning, zero touch deployment
  • Secure remote PC solution, with hard and secure protocol
  • Ability for studio leaders to jump in to review and help instantly
  • Full animation pipeline and Shotgun integration
  • Customized planning of resources, with high flexibility and adjusting to real needs
  • Scheduling capability for third parties or freelancers and full security while enabling access to your own tools
  • On-demand high performance computing services (render, simulation and builds)

I greatly enjoyed attending the 2020 HPA Tech Retreat in person and very much look forward to seeing friends and colleagues again, in person, very soon! On this occasion, we have the added benefit of partnering with Object Matrix in the Innovation Zone and will have a lot to show and discuss.

I'm looking forward to the schedule that the event organizers have put together. The sessions, roundtables, and Innovation Zone will give us a fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones during the event.

Scott JohnsonHead of North America, SimpleCloud
Scott Johnson

MatrixStore Cloud Benefits:

  • Enables self-serve access to your content with no reliance on technical teams, third-party platforms, or manual intervention.
  • Massive cost savings compared to public cloud with all-inclusive raw storage costs, fixed annual fees, and no egress costs when accessing your data.
  • Have complete confidence in where your data is stored and how it’s protected with full data provenance and sovereignty, disaster recovery to a second site, analytics, compliance, and user auditing built-in.
  • Continuous and non-proprietary future proof access to your content with tight third party integrations, seamless scaling, and inclusive data movement to public cloud.
  • Enable secure multi-departmental use from the same platform with unlimited user access.
  • Effortlessly add additional MAM, workflow, and media orchestration functionality, as and when you need to.

My last business trip to the USA was to attend the HPA Tech Retreat in 2020 so I am delighted that my first trip to the States, since the pandemic, will be to attend the 2022 HPA event with both CineSys and SimpleCloud. The event itself is a great mix of technology, commercial use cases and networking, something all of us have sorely missed these last two years. I am excited to attend in order to listen, learn, to rekindle relationships and to build new ones.

Nick PearceCRO, Object Matrix
Nick Pearce

HPA Breakfast Roundtable

In addition to the booth in the Innovation Zone, Nick Pearce and Brent Angle, CTO at CineSys Inc., will be jointly hosting a breakfast roundtable on Wednesday, February 23rd at 7:15am, discussing the hot topic of Security and Remote Data Access. This is a must-attend event, so be sure to grab yourself a seat at the table for this.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out, register to attend the HPA Tech Retreat today!

This will be my first HPA Tech Retreat since the pandemic started. Our North American partnership with SimpleCloud and Object Matrix has been invaluable these past few years as we have helped our clients, whether it was remotely producing a 100+ million dollar movie entirely in the cloud, or maintaining a massive footage archive connecting on-prem, cloud storage, and everything in between. I am very much looking forward to the fraternity in the Innovation Zone and discussing the brave new hybrid world with my clients and peers.

Brent AngleCTO, CineSys Inc.
Brent Angle
HPA Tech Retreat 2020