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Time to Act! connects global organizations and audiences around urgent socio-environmental issues. Its content network creates, plans, and implements transmedia projects that drive social engagement and generate data to help guide responsible environmental and societal action. The transmedia company brings together groups of specialists in education, innovation, environment, creativity, entertainment, science, and arts, to deliver engaging video projects. Time to Act!’s work harnesses a broad range of content, to create a space where education and entertainment intersect. This process of educating an audience with powerful and entertaining media, helps environmental and social messages to resonate more effectively.

Customer Challenge

The Time to Act! video messages are utilized in cross-platform social media campaigns and documentary projects, so easy access for editing and post-production workflows was crucial. The team primarily relied on tools like Dropbox to move files between artists, resulting in a laborious collective process. Finding specific shots within a vast collection of media was incredibly time-consuming. Time to Act! lacked a centralized repository for efficient content access, and with artists collaborating from different geographic regions its creative workflows were being increasingly fragmented. Rather than waiting around for content, the team needed a quick and straightforward way to organize and access media to easily view, sub-clip, and share assets at any time, from any location.

TTA CineSys

The Solution

After discovering the solution through CineSys LLC, Time to Act! decided to leverage CineStor Cloud and Object Matrix storage by Perifery, together with Vision’s powerful and secure media and metadata management features. This provided a web-based, cost-effective approach with a flat-fee structure, eliminating egress charges and allowing artists to upload and download without budget restrictions.

For our video messages to resonate with different audiences in different territories, they first need to transit through a global network of creative professionals. Our team leverages cutting-edge technology, art, and entertainment, to communicate and educate, so the creative process needs to be quick and seamless, enabling us to get messages out at the right time. The combination of CineStor Cloud, with Object Matrix plus Vision, means that content is always at our fingertips. So, we can concentrate on the creative, while its intuitive storage and media management powers our mission.

Luciana BrafmanFounder and CEO, Time to Act!

Company: Time To Act!
Location: Los Angeles and São Paulo
Name: Luciana Brafman, Founder and CEO