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FlowCaster by Drastic Technologies provides a secure connection from your creative software to a local monitor, no matter where they are. Keep your creative software and media in your facility or cloud, while allowing remote Editors and Artists the pixel perfect display they need to create their magic.

Use FlowCaster on for real time group review of edit sessions anywhere in the world, without rendering or uploading your media to a server.  The site receives audio, video, captions and time code from the editor’s output in real time, while providing a shared area of webcam, commenting, talking, and collaborative drawing – all time code locked to your edit.

FlowCaster supports creative software including:

  • Adobe – Premiere, After Effects
  • Avid – Media Composer, NewsCutter
  • Assimilate – SCRATCH family
  • Blackmagic – DaVinci Resolve
  • OpenFX – Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Desktop – Any full screen

FlowCaster Live Review Panel for Adobe

Get additional functionality within Premiere or After Effects by installing the free FlowCaster Live Review Panel! This is an Adobe CEP Extension panel that lets you view your FlowCaster session directly within the editor. The panel allows marker import and export to and from your live sessions, as well as real time feedback.

When using the site and workflows, the plugin lets you log in directly and connect to a review and approval session. Once joined, the same output video that the group is seeing in your editor will be displayed in the panel. Their comments and telestration will also display directly in the panel. New comments and drawings can be markers on the timeline for quick and easy access. And once the session is over, it can be saved for applying change requests at a later time.

Get the Adobe Extension

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