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Blazing fast speeds for M&E workflows

The new DDP10EF Turnkey NVMe SAN is turning heads with its ability to deliver Uncompressed 8K with 100GbE connected clients. For those who want High Availability, but dislike subscription models, the Dual HA DDP Head is now qualified with iSCSI and Fibre Channel RAID Arrays from Infortrend, Seagate, and CineSys CineStor™ products.

Extremely Fast NVMe SAN

Providing 40GB/s Read speeds with up to 4 ports of 100GbE, the DDP10EF packs a lot of punch in a small package with up to 300TB of NVMe storage in 1RU. Utilizing NVMe-oF with RDMA, 40GbE and 100GbE clients can bypass network and CPU bottlenecks attaining blazing fast speeds for 8K media and beyond. Multiple DDP10EFs can be clustered to scale capacity and performance. HDD JBOD expansions can be added as well, with the NVMe acting as a cache/tier. It also supports iSCSI client connections for 10/25GbE clients.

NEW! Autodesk Flame users can now link to the same media without duplication with support for hard links in the SAN file system. The extreme performance of the DDP10EF enables artists to play/scrub uncompressed 8K image sequences with ease.

High Availability, No Subscriptions

The extremely flexible AVFS file system from DDP is now available in a highly available scale-out solution. The Dual HA DDP Head is a SAN file system controller designed for active/active failover. iSCSI, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and NVMe-oF RAID Arrays from Infortrend, Seagate, PureStorage and CineSys are qualified for building out whatever scale and performance you need without exorbitant annual subscription costs.

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