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Streamline your enterprise-wide processes

Embrace develops advanced automation, orchestration and collaboration solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry. Their user-centric software simplifies complex media workflows, eliminates repetition, streamlines enterprise-wide processes, and accelerates the use of cloud services and emerging technologies, such as AI. Automate and control your mission-critical media workflows with Embrace.


Automate-IT is a media-oriented promo versioning management platform. It brings automation, orchestration and collaboration to creative, broadcast, IT and digital departments.

With Automate-IT, third-party programming, traffic system, MAM platforms and Adobe® After Effects templates are connected to gather content, select the right template, apply all variables, and generate clips automatically. It streamlines the production flows, simplifies execution, assembling and delivering promos methodically for increased efficiency and throughput.


Pulse-IT is a media-oriented business process management system. It empowers customers to translate, optimize, execute and monitor any business, broadcast or digital media processes simply and quickly.

Accelerate a wide variety of content creation and delivery processes by adding the missing glue between ingest, transcoding, AI-based transcription, metadata mining, asset management, asset utilization, automated content processing or postproduction, packaging, versioning egress, and distribution.

Automate and control your media workflows