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ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in creative disciplines, such as Entertainment Design, Transportation Design, Product Design and Film, using both traditional and digital means. ArtCenter’s renowned graduate programs offer designers, artists and filmmakers exceptional opportunities to create unique and personal career and life paths.

When faced with the restrictions placed due to COVID-19, ArtCenter suddenly had to transition to online teaching in a week. Many of the classes require access to specific software and powerful computers. The solution that enabled this quick transition for ArtCenter was to use Virtual Machines with SimpleCloud.

Dealing with SimpleCloud was very easy. The team was very helpful and super reactive.

Christophe GomezDirector of Game Design, ArtCenter College of Design

About SimpleCloud

SimpleCloud is a global cloud-based platform for digital content management and creation focused on animation, video games, and VFX studios. It provides a virtual desks solution with graphic capacity in the cloud, allowing users to be connected to a virtual desk from anywhere, through any equipment, keeping its own configuration and software without upgrades and with a minimum investment.

About CineSys

Media Systems Integrators focused on high end workflow solutions and custom integrations, including storage infrastructures, tiered storage solutions, archive, asset management and more. Their team of professionals have a broad base of experience designing, implementing and supporting workflows for the media and broadcast industry.